The Vegan Lab | Dahab, Egypt

Our little city, Dahab, is renowned as the mecca of diving, freediving, serenity, and beauty; but veganism is making a noisy arrival on the food scene in our small haven....


Should You Do Isolated Muscle Exercises?

Working different muscles in your body for different results seems like a fairly obvious concept. Exercises such as squats, deadlifts, crunches, lat pulldowns all work the different 'sections of your body'. For example, a Romanian deadlift works the hamstrings (in addition to the back, abdominals and more). Crunches work your rectus abdominus (the 'abs'). In [...]

Why You May Not Be Seeing Results

Why You May Not Be Seeing Results

Occasionally, we find ourselves training effectively, eating clean, and doing everything that the fitness professionals suggest... but we don't see the results we deserve? Still holding onto fat, not gaining muscle and overall pi***d off that we aren't making progress. Why? If this if you, religiously following everything you think you should be doing then let's [...]

Fat Burning HIIT

HIIT, high-intensity interval training, is one of the most effective methods for total body fat burning and toning. Explosive, high-intensity intervals followed by short bursts of rest continue to boost your metabolism even 24 hours after exercising. I won't lie, HIIT is very challenging physically however mentally it's easy to grasp as the intervals are [...]