The Vegan Lab | Dahab, Egypt

Our little city, Dahab, is renowned as the mecca of diving, freediving, serenity, and beauty; but veganism is making a noisy arrival on the food scene in our small haven....


A Little Life Update.

A Little Life Update.

It's been a busy few months. My lifestyle has changed, my country has changed, my priorities and goals have changed. Safe to say my life has changed quite a bit. So let's start from the beginning; I moved to the city in South Sinai in Egypt where I grew up. FINALLY! This is something I [...]

How To Wake Up Early

Seizing the day is hard when you wake up late without time for a nutritious breakfast, no time to have a coffee in a relaxed way. I can’t stress the benefits that waking up earlier can have in your life, from feeling happier and more alert because you’ve given yourself the time to wake up [...]