About Me

When asked what motivated me to lead an active, healthy lifestyle I am quick to answer with the reason being it has totally transformed almost every aspect of my life. Since being focused on improving my health and fitness for around 5 years now, I am so much happier, more successful in the things I set my mind to and generally feel a lot more day-to-day ‘wins’. It makes me feel SO GOOD, and I just really want to share ways you can improve your lifestyle too – to live your best life.

CECFIT is a place in which I hope to be able to share my health and fitness advice to help you improve your current fitness or help you to start a totally new journey. My main philosophy of health and fitness is creating an active lifestyle in which there is no worry of not being able to find the time to be healthy and fit. It’s about creating a lifestyle out of it.

I am passionate about creating ‘healthy alternative’ recipes like healthier brownies or sweet treats alongside delicious nourishing smoothies and more. Working out in exciting, creative ways is one of my biggest passions and the workouts that I do, both gym and home-based have transformed my body and mentality. So this is my way of sharing my knowledge with you.

I’m currently living in Dahab in Egypt, a peaceful and warm beach town! I work remotely for PADI, I teach HIIT Classes at Nour Wellbeing, Coral Coast. And you’ll currently find me doing weekly live workouts with PADI and with Nour Wellbeing Dahab on Facebook.

– Cecily x