How to Get Motivated to Workout at Home

With the current pandemic, lockdowns and more time at home have affected all of us – particularly those of us who enjoy working out at the gym and are now struggling with new routines. On the other hand, you may want to give up your costly gym membership, or just enjoy working out away from a gym.

Rest assured, a home workout can be just as tough as a gym workout, if not more, even if you have no equipment at home.

Here are my top 4 ways to get motivated to workout at home.

Plan Your Routine

First things first, you will benefit from creating a weekly (or monthly) plan for your workout routine from home. You can simply input these into your phone or computer calendar with anything from the body part you’ll focus on, the style of workout or the link to an online workout you want to follow.

Keeping a routine will help you to keep in check. If you usually attend group workout classes, you’ll find a schedule particularly useful!

Dress for the Occasion

When going to the gym, you’ll probably be wearing your favourite workout clothes and trainers. I find that many people (myself included) tend to not care what we wear at home when working out which is completely normal! However, if you struggle with motivation then dressing up as you would for the gym will kelp you get in a good mindset for a home workout.

This can include your favourite trainers, using your gym water bottle and leggings or trousers etc. Making sure to wear proper workout clothing will also help you focus on your workout and move properly.

Create a Designated Space

Just like studying, sleeping and showering, most routines involves designates spaces for each step. For example, at home I always workout in my living room. It’s where I keep my weights, bands and mats in order to have everything in one space for workouts. This doesn’t have to be a large space, you can simply decide that you’ll do your workouts next to your bed or in a hallway.

The most important thing is to try and always stick to exercising in that same spot. Your brain will associate that space with working out and it’ll help you get into a good, motivated mindset for the routine!

Follow Videos

Personally, I find following a written workout far less motivating at home than a workout video. Real-time workout videos are excellent for keeping you motivated along the way. Fitness Blender is a free site I highly recommend for HIIT/Strength/Pilates/Cardio workouts! All of their workouts are done with you in the videos, with the couple team Kelly and Daniel.

Now you have 4 ways to get motivated to workout from home! Implementing a few or all of these should help you to get back on track with a regular workout routine from the comfort of your own home.

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