A Morning Routine for a Great Day

A morning routine sets the tone for your day. Are you rushing and unfocused, or calm, collected and driven? The ideal morning routine for you can be totally different from the perfect morning routine for others.

Most people I speak to have no real morning routine they follow more often than not. I find it shocking! A good morning routine helps to set the tone for your day and helps you to cultivate the energy you want to attract.

For some of us, a morning routine can involve a super early wakeup, a hardcore workout, and a bunch of superfoods that are hard to name! But for others, a good morning routine can simply include waking up a little earlier to relieve the stress of rushing every morning.

My Morning Routine


Firstly, I wake up and go straight to the fridge to grab some water. Sometimes I’ll add fresh lemon juice to this water and sometimes not. Lemon juice is high in pectin – this is a prebiotic that promotes good gut health. Perfect first thing in the morning!


Next, I do something that’s been a new addition this year. I meditate with the Muse brain-sensing headband. When meditating, it’s difficult to be sure if you are doing it ‘properly’ or if it’s ‘working’ – especially for beginners. I’m sure some can relate to that?!

Muse works by tracking your brain activity through EEG sensors with live feedback, giving you a summary at the end of your session. The Muse 2, the one I have, also tracks body movement, breathing and heart rate as well as brain activity. It shows you the data of timings through your meditation; when your brain activity was calm, neutral or active. It is lifechanging.

Plus, the app (which links to the headband) has over 100 guided meditations for quite literally everything you can imagine. Some examples of categories are: Joy, Happiness, Stress, Confidence, Performance, Travelling, Festive Season, Veterans. Each category has many different meditations of many lengths within it, plus many different authors.

Coffee & Planning the Day

Meditation is done, it’s time for coffee. While I wait in anticipation for my french press, I drink some more water. Now I’m back in Egypt, I’m always making iced coffee with coconut milk.

While I enjoy my coffee, I always plan out my day. Some days I do this in quite a lot of detail with timings and very specific goals. however other days I like to go at a slower pace, with a to-do list with everything from completing something for work, to just putting the washing machine on.

Remember to prioritize, what’s important today to you? do you have any deadlines? What will make you feel good to know you’ve completed today?


Lastly, I always get some movement in. This is usually a HIIT workout or a cardio and weights session at the gyn!

Maybe it seems like a lot, but adding one or two mindful events to your morning will really change the run of your day. Sure it’s great for productivity and your physical health. But onto of this it’s so important to look after your mind every day.

What does your morning routine look like? Or are you thinking of adding in some of these things? I challenge you to create a great morning routine for one week. Stick to it religiously and see how it changes your daily and weekly life.

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2 thoughts on “A Morning Routine for a Great Day

  1. I love this post!!! I’ve sort of lost my motivation to implement a mindful morning routine and this has really motivated me again, thank you @cecfit !!!


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