Why should you bother working out?

If you are fairly new to the whole “active lifestyle” thing, it can be pretty difficult to really get into a motivated mindset. One key way to push yourself to start and to continue, is by understanding the benefits you will receive from regular exercise.

Let’s take a look!

Why should you bother working out?

It makes you happy, seriously. Exercise produces an immediate mood boost due to the release of endorphins and regular exercise can contribute to better overall mental wellbeing.

It feels good. Knowing you’re taking care of your body on the inside and outside is so rewarding. It shows you care. Your body is essentially your home for life so you should take care of it, keep it a clean and healthy environment and it’ll make you so proud of yourself for making that commitment.

It teaches you self-discipline. Creating a healthy routine of just 3 to even 5 or 6 varied workouts a week holds you accountable for yourself and the commitment you have made to better yourself.

You’ll make better eating choices – hopefully. Putting so much effort into workouts should help with mental motivation to eat for fuel and health. By building up healthy habits step by step, the others will flow naturally

You’ll look good. Yes, it is extremely important to focus on the inner benefits of an active lifestyle but, let’s be honest, it’s also to feel and look good on the outside. Don’t feel bad for making artificial goals.

You’ll see what you’re capable of. With regular workouts you’ll see improvements as you learn what you enjoy and continue exercising it, so you’ll teach yourself how capable you are when you set your mind to something.

It’s good for reducing stress and anxiety. Enjoyable workouts and exercise sessions help to distract our minds from the stress of everyday life. They’re particularly useful for times of uncertainty where you don’t feel in control. A main reason why to bother working out is to put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your life.

It’s FUN! When you find a style of training that you enjoy, or if you already have, you’ll agree that it is fun! Taking time out of your day to play around with crazy exercises or insane sweat sessions is something you can enjoy.

You can make it social. Group exercise classes are a great way to meet new friends to workout with if that’s what you like. Or even a walk with a friend is a great way to get active and be social.

You can brag about being one of those avocado-loving-yoga-going-almond-milk-drinking gym bunnies. Or not.

Improve your health and prolong your life. Your health is, without a doubt, the most important aspect of life as without it you’re unable to do a lot of things. Did you know 676,000 deaths a year are caused by lack of exercise according to a study carried out by Cambridge University?

You’ll look younger. Telomerase enzymes are activated when you exercise, producing anti-aging on a cellular level.

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