Five Tips To Being Healthier: Mind, Body and Spirit

Oh being “healthy”, what does that even mean?!

You workout 4 times a week so you must be healthy, right? But what if you aren’t drinking enough water and your mind is a mess?

I’m not going to load you with five tips of doing X amount of squats a day and doing this EXACT workout to conform to the ever-changing definition of “healthy”. These are some real ways to look after your entire wellbeing: mind, body and spirit.

1. Start the day well

If you checked back to my last post, we focused on the importance of morning routines for your wellbeing. A great morning routine can set both your mind and your body up for a healthier day. Things to include are: drinking water, getting in some activity and creating a schedule for the day.

2. Inspire Yourself, In The Right Way

Have you ever noticed how most of the accounts we follow and the celebrity reality shows we watch actually make us feel quite crap about ourselves? (this is particularly focused on the western world). It triggers social comparison beyond any healthy level.

You can change this all around to make your mind a lot healthier, and inspire yourself to be better. Not to feel sh*t. Take a change to fill your , mind with positive content, and look after your spirit.

Start to subscribe to workout programmes, follow the trainers on social media, and read blogs that help you to achieve your goals (wink wink). Get rid of the meaningless input into your life from the online world that does no good other than making you feel bad.

3. Invest In Yourself

We seem pretty happy to spend a fair amount of money for some overpriced drinks on a night out, but we call it extortionate when we see the price of good quality workout clothes! Don’t underestimate the power of investing in yourself to convince yourself to workout or to drink more water.

Start by putting a little money on the side to by yourself those new Sweaty Betty workout leggings, or a new reusable charcoal filter water bottle. Or even to buy a new workout programme. It is not a waste and it is not selfish to invest in yourself.

4. Start prioritizing YOU

We do have busy lives, whether you are working overtime every night or your juggling kids and a job. But no matter how busy you are, I can guarantee you deserve to prioritize yourself for a minimum of one hour a day.

This doesn’t mean an extra hour of work when you get home, nor an hour on Facebook. It means spending one hour of your day on your wellbeing. Whether this looks like a long run, or a gym session or a yoga class. It could even mean one hour of healthy meal prepping for the week, or walking your dog daily. You need it, and your body deserves it.

5. Drink More Water… And Drink More Water

I really can not nag you enough to drink more water, it’s the key to life! Not only is it amazing for your mental clarity, but it keeps your skin bouncy and awake, aids our digestion and promotes a healthier body.

Especially in winter, it can be harder to remember to drink water because we don’t feel as thirsty. But keep it at the front of your mind, aim to drink 2-3 litres of water per day. (especially before your morning tea of coffee to prevent dehydration before caffeine).

Honestly, I hope you’ll see this post as inspiration to take more care of your mind, your body, and your spirit!

Happy Sunday, Cecily.

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