Getting Ready for The Week

Happy Sunday! With the end of one week and the start of the next, it’s time to take a look at what is going on with you and your routine.

A busy schedule means its really easy to get sucked into the cycle: work, weekend, work, weekend. This is why I love to make sure I get a few things done every Sunday.

Clean Your Space

Let’s start big. Cleaning your space is not just helpful for your actual tidy space, but also your mind.

Start with your desk at home or work, clear out the junk and tidy it a little. Getting rid of unnecessary things from your physical life gets you back in control, giving you some mental clarity.

If you’re genuinely short on time, you can even just clear out your phone. Delete old notes or old apps that you don’t use, an download some productive ones. In your bedroom, change your bedsheets and put your washing on. Clear out the rubbish from your handbag (I’ll be doing this today, so overdue…).

A clean space is really a productive space, and you’ll feel good for making it that way. With a clearer space and mind you can now focus on your important tasks for the week.

Make a Game Plan

A game plan, or a schedule, is honestly one of my addictions. I’m all about writing, plans, to-do lists, journals.

There’s something about knowing what is going to happen in the week, or planning out your goals that makes everything feel so much more accessible. Plus less stressful, and you get a heck of a lot more done.

Even if its just on your phone notes, write down each day and anything you must remember for that day. Workouts, meetings, deadlines. The more you do it the more you will feel inclines to schedule events out.

Take Some Time for Self Care

This is something that you might often keep putting off. Whether it’s taking an hour in the evening for a long bath and a facemask, or a few minutes of morning stretches. Maybe a movie wrapped in a warm blanket or a walk with your dog.

Self care helps to relieve stress, and stop you getting to the level of an overload. It can allow you to just spend some time with yourself, doing something calming and relaxing to refresh you for thr week ahead.

So today, stop yourself for a moment and treat yourself to some luxury.

Plan Out Your Outfits

Does anyone else do this? I like to have a mental picture in my head of what I want to wear for the week, now I’m working in an office as well.

It simply takes out one small stress of the mornings and also reminds you to get any washing done. Planning in advance is also a good way to ensure you’ll feel good each day.

If you look good, you’ll feel good, and then there’s no stopping you.


But don’t push yourself too hard (unless you want to of course). It’s been said a million times, exercise releases endorphins and makes you happier. We know.

The stigma of Sundays is pretty much to relax, stay horizontal etc. While this can be great sometimes, there are other ways to relax than doing that. A good sweaty workout can clear our your head and get you into a better mindset for the day and the week ahead.

Likewise, a relaxing 30 minutes of yoga is just as effective. Whatever works for you. Walking on a Sunday is also so refreshing!

I see the week as starting on Sundays, as you’re preparing for everything you’d like to do that week. By exercising, you will start the week as you mean to go on.

Have a powerful week,


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