When Life Gives You Lemons…

You can either complain that you would prefer limes, or you can put them in a Gin and Tonic and enjoy your drink.

It’s common to be handed scenario in life that we don’t necessarily enjoy, or maybe one that you feel you can’t deal with. And, unfortunately, a lot of the time we are just told to “suck it up” and get on with it. Or, maybe, some ways to stop being sad.

This is not what I’m going to say.

A while ago a friend came to me and sort of unloaded their unhappy, sad, tired mind whilst dealing with some ongoing difficulties. To be honest, I didn’t feel there was anything I could say to comfort them.

Instead, I told them about something that I read a while ago, that stuck with me.

I told them to be as sad as they want but to make sure to still be doing things. It’s fine that you are sad but let yourself be sad while you’re going to the gym, be sad while sitting on the beach, be sad while eating a nice meal or watching a movie.

Be sad but don’t stop doing things. So, for example, in a few months when you look back, you will see how much you elevated your self. You will not see how sad you were. You’ll look at how much you expanded, you won’t only look at how sad you were.

Sadness does not stick. Keep doing something and keep going on with your life.

While maybe it doesn’t fit for you, it might be that crucial spark for someone close to you, or someone you haven’t seen in a while.

So to close this off, as my “still doing things”, CECFIT is going to become a lot more populated over the next few months. Fitness, life, delicious foods and, hopefully, a brighter mind.

Stay tuned, Cecily.

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