The Vegan Lab | Dahab, Egypt

Our little city, Dahab, is renowned as a mecca of diving, freediving, serenity, and beauty; but veganism is making a noisy arrival on the food scene in our small haven…

Black Lava Flow Smoothie Bowl

The Vegan Lab offers healthy, yet oh so tasty, breakfasts, smoothies, lunches, cakes, and coffees. Considering the majority of ingredients are not readily found in Dahab, it’s a real gem in the city. Some of these exciting ingredients include black charcoal, chia seeds, quinoa, spirulina and homemade additions like granola, coconut whipped cream, and NOtella!

In this beachside town, feeling your best aids the many active lifestyles that people here live. Many of us are scuba divers, or freedivers, windsurfers or mountain hikers. Fuelling yourself with the most natural, wholesome foods to nourish your body is essential to feel and perform your best.

In the words of The Vegan Lab, it’s food that “loves you back”. The kind of food that makes you feel great.

Image may contain: dessert and food
I Feel Lavish Waffles

Whilst the food itself is vibrant and unique, the interior is outstanding. It is like that of a place you’d find in Soho, London or a juice bar in LA – capitals of the health food scene! The Vegan Lab houses aesthetic wooden outdoor and indoor seating as well as a roof which is perfect for the hot Egyptian sun.

Hummus Toast
Image may contain: food
Thai Me Up Salad

Whilst living in such a natural city surrounded by nature, it’s common to start wondering what YOU can do to help our planet stay so beautiful and clean. Well, eating more plant-based foods is an incredible way to contribute to the planet’s health and gain so much more for your own health. Not only are we helping the planet but we are also helping our bodies function best, full of nutrients, minerals and good health.

What’s more, The Vegan Lab are jumping on the F**K plastic movement by allowing everyone to bring their own takeaway food containers for drinks or meals. But don’t worry if you forget, you can even rent one from them.

Where is it?The Vegan Lab, El Fanar Street, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt.

How Much Is It?  On the pricier side in Dahab, however, if you think how much you are spending on 2 or 3 drinks in the evenings, you could get a superfood packed smoothie bowl for the same amount! Smoothies are around 70LE, smoothie bowls around 130LE, avocado or hummus toast around 80-100. Bear in mind that a bunch of these ingredients are very expensive and hard to source in Egypt.

Cecily. x

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