Finding Your Willpower in 2019

It’s 6:30am, you’re awake, drinking strong delicious coffee as your eyes begin to become alert.. you’re preparing yourself for your workout today and afterwards you’re going to have time to make any breakfast you desire before heading out with an endorphin pumped, happy head for the day. How good does that sound? Putting your own health and fitness first every day is a huge sign of self love and the number one trait it takes is WILLPOWER. 

Willpower is remembering how good you’ll feel IF you actually set that early alarm and wake up to it. It’s stopping after that one glass of wine at the bar to get a longer night’s sleep for a better day tomorrow, not saying f***k it I’ll start working out next week. It’s continuing putting YOURSELF first when life sort of seems to get in the way!

To find your own willpower, whatever your goals may be this year you should remember the why. Why do you want to make these changes? If you are lacking self confidence and direction then maybe this new routine of putting your health and fitness first will show you what your own body is capable of.

Next, one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is so simple. We must be real with ourselves and with the changes we will make. Working out once then going back to the old routine and not fitting in time to exercise will not give you the results.. as much as you want to convince yourself that 1 hour gym session last week will last till next week. Realise that the excuses keep going, “I’ll workout tomorrow”.. how long have you been saying that for? Think.

So, this new year I implore you to take these steps and with this your willpower will follow. Think how great you can be!


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