HIIT: What is it and Why Should You Try

High-intensity interval training is a form of training that focuses on working at your almost 100% effort level followed by short rest periods. This style of training is said to be optimal for fat burning and the famous phrase of “toning up”. Your body is said to enter the fat burning zone during the workout as well as raising your metabolism for the next 48 hours after HIIT. Effectively, your body is working at a level that consumes so much more energy than normal and working harder raises the metabolic rate; so you are burning more calories even after exercise.

HIIT can have a number of forms and layouts:

  • 40 seconds of work, 20 seconds rest
  • 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest and so on.

HIIT is undoubtedly challenging so having the motivation to do it can be difficult, this is why it’s great to have a trainer or use easier forms such as online workout videos. Some of the best channels I have found on youtube are Fitness Blender, Lilly Sabri (she’s a supergirl boss!) and Joe Wicks a.k.a The Body Coach.

In short, here are the reasons you may want to try HIIT workouts 3 times a week:

  1. You want to burn stubborn body fat in a sustainable way
  2. You are short on time with workouts and need something fast & effective
  3. You’re not seeing results with your usual workouts
  4. You’re looking to improve cardiovascular health
  5. You’re looking for more interesting workout regimens

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