How To Wake Up Early

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 07.49.42Seizing the day is hard when you wake up late without time for a nutritious breakfast, no time to have a coffee in a relaxed way. I can’t stress the benefits that waking up earlier can have in your life, from feeling happier and more alert because you’ve given yourself the time to wake up slowly to simply giving you more hours in the day to crush your goals, get a full workout in, see your friends.

Start With You

Have a purpose. Why are you waking up early? What do you need to do; workout, get a blog post written, get some extra work done that you won’t want to do after school/work? Having a purpose sets out your flow for the morning, you have a legitimate reason to wake up early because it will improve your day in some way.

How To Actually Get Out of Bed

So you’ve got your reasoning sorted, but you can’t actually bring yourself to get out of bed. Alarmy is an alarm app with different tasks to wake up you choose to complete before your alarm will switch off (it will NOT switch off until these are done). There is a ‘shake’ option where you have to sit up and shake your phone hard a certain number of times. There’s also a maths question option or a barcode option. So you can set it to scan a barcode in your fridge before it will switch off. You have no choice but to get out of bed.

A Little Extra Help The Night Before

There are a few products I consistently use to help me sleep better and so find it easier to wake up as I am more refreshed:

  • This Works Deep Sleep Spray
  • Botanicals Relax Roll On

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