A Few Days In Paris

IMG_5820Paris holds a special place in my heart after visiting when I was younger. Now, having studied French for years, I had a little dream to go to Paris in the Summer for a few days so I did it last month. Heading on a solo trip sounded a little daunting to me, even though I’ve spent a fair amount of time traveling, but it’s a little trip I’m so happy I did alone.

Le Louvre



IMG_5714LOVE Juice Bar Paris


Sacre Coeur

Daytime trip to Montmartre after climbing up the steps to the Sacre Coeur. Whilst the outside is stunning, head inside and take a look at the incredible stained glass windows. Behind the Sacre Coeur you can wander down through the idyllic streets of Montmartre towards one of the last active vineyards in Paris; Montmartre Vineyard.



Sébastien Gaudard


So if you’re feeling a little lost in the world or lost with yourself, I really recommend taking the plunge and booking yourself a little trip alone. – Cecily


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