REVIEW: Sunwarrior Vegan Vanilla Protein

HoLd uP, why do we even need protein powder? Protein powder is not essential in the diet to be classed as ‘fit’ but it does create an easy way to increase your protein intake. Whether you’re a fit person who regularly strength trains or you do yoga, or you don’t work out; protein is for everyone, not just the Instagram fit girls! Sunwarrior creates vegan protein blends with your goals in mind.


Sunwarrrior classic vanilla holds 15g of ‘complete protein’ – meaning it contains all the essential amino acids – within one serving size of one scoop (scoop included). 15g of protein per 21g is a healthy serving and brilliant after a workout in a smoothie or with oats for example. As well as this, carbohydrates are kept low to 2g, one of which being sugar; so we can say this is a fairly low sugar protein powder – much better than artificial sugar packed proteins on the market today. The protein also has no grams of fat, no saturated fats, and 2g of fiber to aid digestion and keep you full.



The taste of this protein powder is fairly strong, particularly of the added stevia (natural sweetener). For me, it goes very well with berry smoothies rather than green ones. Blended with frozen berries and banana it creates a delicious, almost sherbet like smoothie – great for smoothie bowls!


Forget sandy vegan proteins, the Sunwarrior Vegan Protein blends perfectly with no grainy texture. It doesn’t ruin delicious smoothies or drinks and could easily be mixed into oats or yogurt without ruining the texture. This is one of the massive plus’ of this protein blend as, if you’re familiar with many vegan proteins, they often taste like a mouthful of sand…… not great!


Would I repurchase? Yes!

Next time I would go for the unflavoured one as I like a protein powder that mixes well in everything. The texture is great and so is the box it comes in – plus it includes a scoop to measure servings accurately! The macros combined with natural ingredients make this vegan protein powder a great staple in any diet – particularly if you’re looking to gain muscle and lose fat. 

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