Review: SONY Wireless In-Ear Headphones

You’re mid-workout and your headphone cable gets sucked into the cable machine at the gym and you fear for your life. Your phone comes flying on the treadmill after you carefully place it on the handle thing to ensure you have enough headphone cable length to run. You’re sick of your headphones falling out so just give up your HIIT workout altogether. Any of those sound familiar?

IMG_9765I am not one for a boring steady pace workout, instead, I like to switch between crazy HIIT workouts and move straight onto weights or cardio. I don’t want to be fussing over my headphone cable, do you? Wireless headphones are an absolute dream.

Fit and Comfortable-ness

I’ve never used wireless headphones so it took a use of two to get used to the feeling and after that, you don’t notice them at all. The middle earpiece is flexible to can fit into your ear and stay there.

Sound Quality 

Usually, you would expect to have to compromise on some sound quality or comfort level if you do get wireless headphones but not with these. The sound quality is better than Apple Headphones and the same as BEATS. Very impressive sound level and absolutely loud enough to block out awful gym music. Using a high volume through an intense workout is EXTREMELY motivating to keep going. Volume control has a big range; from quiet music so you can hear cars (I do this for cycling) to super loud noise canceling levels (yo block out awful gym music…).


Do they actually stay in?

In short, yes. The earpiece is soft to fits the inside of your ear. The part that goes around the ear is comfortable and secure. The adjustable wire piece at the back I assume is only to keep the cable from tangling. I’ve tested these with running, lifting, HIIT and more; through sweaty and fast-paced workouts these have not fallen out once. You realize how much more you can focus on your workout!!



  • Washable – no gross sweaty headphones. Just rinse them after using.
  • Can wear in heavy rain
  • Bluetooth connection
  • 10 minutes charge – 1-hour use
  • One charge lasts 7 hours


Hey guys! Hope you liked that review, I am so excited to be back and blogging again. Let me know in the comments what if you have any feedback! Hit the follow button to be notified of the next blog post: A Coffee Shop Guide To Bristol! – Cecily x

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