Advanced Core Workout for Lean Abs

Although getting a leaner core will not happen with only targetted ab workouts; you’ll need a low body fat percentage and full body training for very shredded abs, core workouts can help you on your way to target the abdominal muscles, strengthen them and make them more prominent. I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of training my core so I try to create dynamic exercises to help myself enjoy it more.

This workout is advanced as it uses a few pieces of equipment, such as a weight and TRX. Some exercises are or can be made equipment free so it’s a great one to get inspiration from and modify your own workout. Finally, I have some filmed exercises for you – the video is followed by the written workout underneath!

TRX Crunch To Pike (1)

So this workout may look simple but those Plank Step Outs murder the lower abs by the second round (1 repetition of them is both feet walked in and out – no skimping!). Complete this through once and then decide if you would like to go for 2, 3 or even more rounds. 3 should be the maximum if you put 100% effort in.

I highly encourage you to add dynamic core training to your routine as, without a strong core, we’re not performing our best on leg day or on a long run. It keeps the body strong and stable. Let me know if you like this workout!



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