March Thoughts: Goal Setting & Achieving

This month is my last month before I turn 18, and it’s time to get myself together with my health and fitness. I have a lot of goals which I track in my BEST Self Journal (would you like a review/more info on this?) but for March I have created a few small fitness goals to get me back to feeling amazing and happy. 
It is one thing to set a goal but another thing to put systems in place to ensure you achieve your goals. To make sure I achieve them I set a goal and also write ways I will ensure I succeed, and ways I’ll work towards the success. 
For example; one goal I have is to work on getting a leaner core. To work towards success I will:
  • Do focused core training sessions 3 times a week on top of my workout schedule. 
  • Have at least 5 days of 100% clean and nourishing eating every week. 
By setting an attainable goal AND setting ways I will go about achieving it; you are setting yourself up for things I like to call systems for success.
This approach is very much similar to the BEST SELF Journal which has 100% changed my mind and outlook on my goals, they are in progress and great things actually happen. 
So, with it being the first Monday of March why not set your fitness goal or goalS for the month. Is it to get on top of your clean eating? To start working out? To get leaner? To try new workout styles? Let me know, let’s keep each other accountable. 
Use the hashtag #CECFIT 
Cecily .x

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