Loving Earth: Raw Chocolate Review

Loving Earth creates healthy, sustainable, fair products and really believe in consuming foods in their most natural, minimally processed, pure and of course delicious state. These values are kept up in their array of raw chocolate.

“Not only are we nurturing our own health and wellbeing but we are also nurturing the health and wellbeing of our planet”

IMG_9547I was hooked on trying these from one of my fave Aussie’s Sarahs Day who is, well let’s say just a little bit, in love with these. I feel I now know why!! The ingredients are so pure and natural, consisting of raw cacao butter, raw coconut nectar, activated nuts, pink late salt, cacao and more.

First up I tried Salted Caramel Swayzee. This one has two layers within it – a lower layer of dark truffle chocolate and an upper layer of salted caramel chocolate. The overall texture is fairly buttery due to the raw cacao butter included in the ingredients but, unlike some raw chocolate in the market, it does melt in the mouth a little allowing the flavors to unwind – this is one aspect that makes Loving Earth’s chocolate unique. Not only is the texture so good but the flavors are very true to the name. The chocolate is strong, and pure tasting with the lightly salted butterscotch-like caramel. Absolutely one of the best raw, unprocessed and natural chocolates I have tried. I would honestly choose this over an average chocolate bar!IMG_9553

IMG_9546Next, we have Very Buck ‘N Berry – creamed hazelnut mylk chocolate mixed with cranberries and crunchy activated buckwheat… “for the fruit and nut lover”. This chocolate is almost a sophisticated version of an average fruit and nut chocolate bar – except taken to another level with the crunchy activated buckwheat, sweet but tangy cranberries and the fact that its wonderful for your body. The chocolate itself is delicious, creamy and not bitter due to the organic coconut nectar; and when paired with the buckwheat and tangy cranberries creates the ultimate nourishing chocolate for the fruit and nut lover – I couldn’t agree with Loving Earth more.


So, if you’re not sure whether you want to try these, let’s just say I finish the pack in one sitting *telling myself I’d have 3 small squares yeah right* and then went back to the shop and got another pack the next day… oops. They’re incredibly delicious and they love your body! I love them too.

Will you be trying them out?

-Cecily .x

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