Why You May Not Be Seeing Results

Occasionally, we find ourselves training effectively, eating clean, and doing everything that the fitness professionals suggest… but we don’t see the results we deserve? Still holding onto fat, not gaining muscle and overall pi***d off that we aren’t making progress. Why?

If this if you, religiously following everything you think you should be doing then let’s go back to the basics. Your 8-hours a night isn’t put out there for no reason, nor remembering not to stress or undereating (This is SO common). If we go back to the basics parts to your own health and happiness you might see some faults.

  • Are you sleeping enough? This varies by the person with regard to what you really need to feel rested, it could be anywhere from 6 to 8 or more hours a night. Caught up in go-mode we might not always remember that sleep is what allows the body to synthesize muscle and repair itself for the next day.
  • Are you eating enough? Of course, a calorie deficit is what is needed to lose weight but when we stay in a calorie deficit (below your maintenance level of energy needed to maintain your current weight) the metabolism can effectively become damaged and your body becomes stressed. Not providing it with enough nutrients and it won’t function well.
  • Are you overtraining? Depending on how strenuous your workouts are you could be overtraining at 4 workouts a week or you could be overtraining at 7 workouts a week. Constant fatigue, brain fog, loss of motivation and dull aching muscles are all signs of overtraining.
  • Is your body bored? Changing up your training style is essential to ensuring continuous results with fitness otherwise the body adapts to the intensity of your workout; this is why I recommend varied training styles from HIIT to running to yoga as it always keeps the body guessing.

Do these sound like something you need to consider? Comment below! – Cecily x 

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