Paleo Fruit and Nut Mix

Normal, boring raising and almonds with super sweetened, artificial banana aren’t the tastiest or healthiest option for fruit and nut mix – call it trail mix if you like! Fruit and nut mix can be one of those healthy addictions, it’s delicious, full of fiber and some protein and is great on the go. In moderation. Here’s a yummy little recipe to try out or inspire you to create your own:

Luxury Paleo Fruit and Nut mix | Dairy Free | Paleo | Healthy Snack

IMG_9399Here you can use goji berries for their antioxidant properties as well as the unique sweet but a little bitter taste they have. Toasted coconut flakes because healthy fats are your friend – not only do they taste great but are so good for that glowy healthy skin we all crave. Carob coated raisins to curb chocolate cravings, they really hit the spot and, lastly,  pecan nuts and almonds.

This recipe is very easy to customize as you can see, you can substitute your favorite nuts in or unsweetened dried cranberries rather than goji berries for a slightly more budget-friendly option.

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