Coconut Brownie Bites

All of us love a sweet, delicious treat once in a while, or all the time (that’s me in a nutshell)! I know that when you’re trying to be as ‘healthy’ as possible, it can be difficult to cut out regular sugary treats – especially when you have a big sweet tooth, so I have created these insanely delicious, moreish coconut brownie bites with added protein to give them a boost.

If you’re fasting during Ramadan, these are a great start to Iftar with water to give you fast energy before you train. Then you can workout and then eat your big Iftar meal!



Using a blender, combine the ingredients above with one tablespoon of water (I always use a Nutribullet which takes a few seconds) and voila – you’ll be left with an incredible smelling, gooey chocolate brownie mix. Roll the mix into 12 equal balls, or 6 if you’re feeling selfish ;), sprinkle desiccated coconut onto a plate and roll the bites around in it until equally coated.

~ The protein powder is optional as I wouldn’t expect anyone to buy it just for 2 scoops, although it is great in these! Either use one you already have or feel free to leave it out. I also love Pulsin Pea Protein. 

~ This is also a very customizable recipe. If you don’t like walnuts feel free to switch them out for cashews, or almonds – whatever you like.

Version 2

These are absolutely my favorite healthy treat I’ve ever made and you should SO try them out. If you do, tag me @cecfit so I can see your creations on Instagram and Facebook!

Will you be trying this out? – Cecily x

5 thoughts on “Coconut Brownie Bites

  1. The list of recipes I want to make is already way too long, but these just sound and look too good! Will see if I can try making them soon 😉

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