Getting Back On Track After Christmas

With the festive period over, for the most part :(, this can be a time to try and get regular eating habits and a generally more balanced lifestyle back on track. But by this I do not mean we need to totally change our eating habits, restrict ourselves and take all the enjoyment and relaxed-approach out of an active, healthier lifestyle; think of getting back on track as more of a reset. Resetting your body and mind for a successful year ahead and helping yourself to feel balanced and great again!

So, in this post, I decided to share a few small, manageable tips that I use and you can too to feel a lot better after a little bit, okay a lot, of overindulgence – NO REGRETS!

Firstly, I’m going to be working on my water intake and getting on top of drinking a lot of water again as it’s also a new year goal of mine. Water hydrates your mind and body – quite literally so we need enough of it to be able to function well and for processes such as good digestion to be easy. Aside from this, 2-3litres of water a day quite quickly makes a noticeable difference in your skin.

Incorporating as many micronutrients and nourishing foods as possible proves your body with everything it needs and more in terms of nutrition to keep you on top of your game – whether it be crazy intense workouts or a very important project at work. Incorporating essential nutrients such as Omega 3’s (avocado, eggs, nuts, and seeds) and antioxidant-rich foods (goji berries, green tea, blueberries, dark chocolate) provides your body with an abundance of nutritional happiness.

With getting back on track with nutrition, it’s also important to realize that there is absolutely no benefit that will come from depriving yourself – you are far more likely to end up bingeing or going overboard on a “cheat day” and, on a whole, will not make any progress. Implement more healthy alternatives and slowly you will realize the space for those foods that provide nothing for your body will be reduced without you feeling deprived. For example, if you’ve got chocolate cravings try a dark chocolate with caramel or, my favorite, dark chocolate with orange and almond in! And remember, you are allowed to eat whatever you want.

Moving and smashing out sweaty workouts. I’m always working out but the past year I have been very focused on doing workouts purely for the feel-good factor – as opposed to the aesthetical results – and do you know what? As a result, I am stronger, leaner and happier because I removed the stress ( and therefore my body has a reduced cortisol – the stress hormone – level which can cause it to hold onto fat) from fitness and the anxiety around skipping a workout or eating a cake on a coffee date. Focus on how good it makes you feel and how much your body will benefit in the long term and this is something that I can assure will benefit you too!

Now this one might gross you out a little, but let me preach my case! A shot of Apple Cider Vinegar before food or drink (other than water) in the morning diluted with a little bit of water. You want to make sure you’re using one with “The Mother” in as the acidity and these protein strands that “The Mother” contains are brilliant for your digestion and getting rid of ‘bad’ bacteria within the gut hat could be caused by too much sugar over the festive period. In all honesty, I didn’t think this would have any effect but it SO DOES! After 2 mornings of taking ACV I was starting to wake up leaner and a little less puffy feeling – even whilst eating all the Christmas food. Try it!

So these are things I am doing right now to help feel my best in starting 2018. Hopefully, you’ll give some a try – at the very least up your water intake! What are you doing to kick-start the new year?

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