Motivate Your Ears

We all struggle with motivation from time to time, for whatever cause it may be – stuck in a fitness rut, completing an assignment, getting out the door to the gym; I really struggle sometimes too but sound can make the biggest difference. So, I decided to share a few little, some strange, tips on motivating yourself by motivating your ears. And big thanks to Will Lindsay Perez for the photography.

1. Listen to your guilty pleasures. I will admit that people have told me it’s a little strange to listen to the Disney soundtrack whilst I power through a part of my workout on the Stairmaster, but it makes me laugh and I enjoy it – so am distracted by this rather than the amount of sweat pouring down my face…..


2. Put on a Podcast. If you’re getting a little bored of your usual playlists of music, why not change it up with a podcast? Itunes has a tonne of free podcasts on health, comedy, science or business – I changed up the subject depending on what I’m feeling that day. Or even a search on Youtube brings up a few videos you can just listen to which is great.

3. Learn Whilst You Workout. For me, education, whatever form it may be in, is power and I love languages. One way I learn to improve my french is by listening to the French charts on Spotify, or the Spanish ones even though I don’t speak Spanish! You may find you love music in a particular language and it’s a productive way to multitask.



So, I hope you will try out a few of these tips and even let me know ways that you motivate yourself in the comments below.

Photography By: Will Lindsay Perez


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