Lean Green Protein Smoothie

IMG_9299Getting your greens, nutrients, minerals, liquids, protein AND delicious factor in at once multiple times a day is fairly difficult… I get it. I understand the struggle so aim to provide you with easy fixes.

Containing greens powder, vegan pea protein (or whichever protein powder you prefer), fresh greens and banana for your carbs; it will take away the stress of a balanced yet tasty breakfast or post-workout refuel.

For mornings when I just need something quick and easy after a workout this is my go-to or even days that I feel a little run down – this smoothie bowl perks you up! The way I make it, I use a small amount of liquid and some ice to create a thicker smoothie bowl texture to eat with a spoon especially topped with a little crunchy granola, nuts or fruit and nut mix – I’m addicted!!


Lean Green Protein Smoothie      |       Vegan       |      High Protein   | Serves 1


1 Frozen Banana

Large handful of spinach 

1 serving of Protein Powder – I use Pulsin Pea Protein or Superfruit Pea Protein

1 teaspoon of Inspiralled Detox Greens

An optional extra frozen fruit – here I use pineapple as the Bromelain Enzyme in the fruit helps to break down amino acids (proteins) so your body can digest the protein powder well!

Dash of Liquid and/or ice – any form of milk can be used, plant-based is best!

Blend Away and Enjoy.


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