Fat Burning HIIT

HIIT, high-intensity interval training, is one of the most effective methods for total body fat burning and toning. Explosive, high-intensity intervals followed by short bursts of rest continue to boost your metabolism even 24 hours after exercising.

I won’t lie, HIIT is very challenging physically however mentally it’s easy to grasp as the intervals are short. If you don’t have a good level of basic cardio fitness, stick to low impact modifications or do more cardiovascular exercise (such as running or cycling) to build up stamina first.



What I love about this style of training is its convenience. HIIT is so easy to fit in anywhere at any time, if you’re short on time you can even just complete the workout above once through – rather than three times. This style of training is also so easily modified depending on your fitness level or how you’re feeling – low impact such as a regular squat rather than a jump squat when you’re low on energy.

A Breakdown Of The Exercises:

Pop Squat – begin stood up and jump your feet shoulder-width apart as you squat down and tap the floor with both hands. As you rise back up jump your feet back together and your arms above your head. 

Side Step Jump – lower into a squat position with your feet together, step to one side (staying low) and jump up. As you come down go back into the squat position and repeat to the other side.

Burpee Squat Hold – like a regular burpee but as you go to stand back up, jump into a low squat position and hold for 2 seconds. Then jump back into the plank part of a burpee, repeat.

Curtsey Lunge Jumps – lower into a curtsey lunge and as you come back to standing, jump into the air with a single leg. Keep the leg that you lunged backward with raised as if you were to do high knees.

Plank Shoulder Taps – get into a plank position, keeping the core engaged as if you were pulling your belly button to your spine. Slowly, staying as still as possible, alternately tap your shoulder with the opposite hand. 

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